Tikes Toybox is family owned and operated. As parents of 7 children (3 sets of twins and 1 singleton) we made the decision to move forward with our vision of Tikes Toybox around the time of our youngest daughter’s 2nd birthday. We were looking for a private, affordable place that catered to toddlers. We instead found, overcrowded play areas with larger children that occasionally trampled over little ones. In addition we found that they had limited “sanitized” play areas with a lack of equipment small enough for children 5 years old and younger to really enjoy. Although we love public amusement centers, we needed something that was a better fit for our toddler. So we got to it and created what is now known as Tikes Toybox, and we specialize in event packages for children 5 years old and younger. We are so excited to share this journey with you…Let’s create memories together!