If you have an outdoor soft play event, it is heavily advised that you have an indoor alternative. Tikes Toybox staff will not set up outdoors during heavy rain, thundering, or lightening which may cause your event set up time to be pushed back. In addition we also reserve the right to cancel your reserved party attendant and you will be required to provide a $150 refundable deposit if you choose to continue with your event. In the case that you still choose to have Tikes Toybox set up for your event, you will not be refunded any monies or discounts for non use of our play equipment due to weather conditions. We highly advise that you reschedule your event for a different day as having your event during a rainy day substantially increases the risk of losing your $150 refundable deposit. No matter the weather condition(s), please note that our play rules are in full effect if you choose to proceed with your outdoor event during adverse weather conditions. If you decide to reschedule your event upon our availability, all monies will be transferred over to your new date and time.   If you choose to cancel your event and not reschedule you will forfeit your non-refundable deposit, however all other monies will be refunded to you (this is ONLY in the case of inclement weather).  If you choose to cancel your event for other reasons, please see our cancelation policy.