Tikes Toybox will charge a $150 cleaning fee to your card on file if the following has not been adhered to A). Ballpit ball are back in the play area B). No stains, spills, or food are in play area or on play equipment C). Equipment is not to be taken apart or moved without prior approval from Tikes Toybox D). Equipment is dry. Don’t worry we have provided a for sure solution to avoid any fees; you can reserve a party attendant for your event at only $50 for 4 hours ($10 each hour after). The Tikes Toybox party attendant will be present making sure your children not only have fun and participate in beneficial play, but to do so safely. The attendant will also be on hand to ensure that Tikes Toybox play area rules are being upheld during your scheduled event. Although it is not mandatory, it is highly advised that you add on an attendant to your event as we understand that as a party host, it’s impossible to be in all places at the time same!