Frequently asked questions

Does Tikes Toybox allow additional time?

Yes, additional time is allowed at an additional cost of $50 per hour. We do ask that all request for additional time be made upfront when booking your party to ensure that Tikes Toybox can accomodate your request. If additional time is needed the day of the party, we will do our best to accomodate your request, however we can not guarantee approval of your request. All same day additional time request must be made at least 1 hr prior to scheduled pick up.

How can I book a party?

You can book a party by clicking on the booking request tab, completing and submiting the form. Submitting your request does not guarantee your event will be approved. All request are subject to event day availability.

When is the final payment due?

Final payment is due 48 hours before your event.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Both deposits and final payments can be made via, Cash App ($tikestoybox) , credit card, Zelle, or Venmo (@tikestoybox). We also accept credit card payments , however, there is a credit card convenience fee applied to this method.

What can be expected the day of the event?

1. Representives will arrive up to 2 hours prior to event for set up. 2. Party host will need to sign and date waiver prior to set up. 3. Tikes Toybox representatives will set up equipment for your event, 4. You and Tikes Toybox representative will do a walk thru and then you will sign the rental agreement and rules form. 5. Tikes Toybox representative will leave so that you can enjoy your event 6. Tikes Toybox representatives will return at the end of the event to disassemble equipment. 7. Final walk thru will take place

Event location requirements

Tikes Toybox offer set up for both indoor and outdoor locations. The location is chosen by the event host, however, Tikes Toybox have the option of refusal based on travel distances, safety concerns, and inclement weather. ***The event host is responsible for obtaining approval from indoor and outdoor venues that require the approval of an application.*** Outdoor Bookings Outdoor set ups will require a shaded area or suitable cover in the from of a canopy tent, pavilion, etc, as the equipment will get hot in direct sunlight. If a shaded area is not available, we will NOT set up; should this happen you will forfeit your $50 security deposit and a fee of $20 will be deducted from your refund amount. You will have the option to reschedule your event, however another $50 non refundable deposit will be required.

What happens when your party is beyond the given 20 mile of Dearborn Heights?

Tikes Toybox will charge $15 for every 10 miles driven outside of the included 20 mile radius for delivery.

How clean is the equipment?

Our priority is to keep a safe clean baby & toddler space by preventing the spread of viruses, bacteria, and germs. We clean and sanitize immediately after each party for the safetly of your children.

How does set up and pickup work?

We will arrive between 1 to 2 hours early to set up the reserved play area. Once we set up, we must complete a walk thru with you to ensure that everything is in clean working condition prior to your party (this protects both of us (pictures will be taken at this time)). Once the walk thru is complete, you will sign off on the rental agreement from. Prior to set up you must complete a liability form. Once we set up the play area, we leave everything to the client so that you may enjoy your event with the privacy of your friends and family only ***please note that once we leave the client becomes liable for any injuries as well as any damage to our eqiupment. The equipment must be cleared upon our arrival to pickup, * A cleaning fee of $50 will apply if the equipment is excessively dirty

What if there are no available electric outlets to use  at the place of your event?

In the event that your venue, park, event space doesn't have an electric outlet you are able to add-on our generator for a small fee.

What is considered an excessive cleaning fee and when/why would it be applied?

We 100% understand that normal dirt and normal wear and tear will occur and we will never abuse this. Our excessive cleaning fee applies in most cases when the playground rules are not followed, examples of this would be food & drink spills, paint stains, dirt from shoes inside of bounce houses and ball pits, gum & candy stuck to equipment, etc. This is applied as we spend a lot of time cleaning, sanitizing, and caring for our equipment so that we can deliver a great experience for your child, when people don't follow the rules and take care of our equipment, it's an inconvenience to everyone. It cost a lot to have to replace our equipment prematurely.

Is a deposit required to book my party?

Yes, Tikes Toybox require a $50 deposit. The $50 non-refundable deposit portion is required to secure the date of your event/party, and it will be applied to your final payment. A $50 refundable deposit portion is required upfront in case of damage, or heavy stains and discoloration (other than normal dirt) to the equipment that require repair, replacement or excessive cleaning, this will be reflected on your invoice. Once the final walk through is completed and none of the above apply, this will be refunded to your account.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my event?

If you cancel your event with more than 1 weeks notice prior to your scheduled event, you will forfeit your $50 non-refundable deposit portion however, your $50 refundable deposit as well as any other payments made shall be refunded. If you cancel your event with 1 week or less notice of your scheduled event you will forfeit both your $50 non-refundable deposit portion as well as your $50 refundable deposit portion, however all other payments shall be refunded. If Tikes Toybox cancel your event you will be refunded all monies paid towards your event. Should you need to reschedule your event, you may do so at no additional cost up to 2 times with at least 1 week notice prior to your event. Should you need to reschedule your event with less than 1 week notice or have exceeded your allowable 2 times, you will incur a $50 reschedule fee.


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