Pricing per period:
$175.00 / 4 Hours

Popcorn Machine
Snow Cone Machine
Cotton Candy Machine
Cotton Candy Floss
3 Popcorn Packets
Snow Cone Syrup
Cotton Candy Cones
Snow Cone Cups
Popcorn Bags
Scoopers for all 3

**Requires electrical outlet access
Comes with 20 bags, cups, and cones.

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20 Popcorn Bags

20 Snow Cone Cups

20 Cotton Candy Cones

1 Quart of Sno Cone Syrup

1 quart (32 oz) of sno cone syrup. Flavors vary based on availability. Leave note in additional notes sections with your top 2 flavors (blue raspberry, lime, grape, cherry).

1 quart Cotton Candy Floss

1 quart is approximately 64 servings of cotton candy
Flavors vary based on availability. Please include you 2 top flavors in additional comments section.

Popcorn Packets

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Our concessions package provides you with a discount for reserving all 3 concession machines as a package rather than individually. Our concession package comes with our cotton candy machine which include 2 flavors of floss and cotton candy cones for 20, snow cone machine with 4 syrup flavors and cups for 20, and popcorn machine with 3 popcorn & oil packages with popcorn bags for 20.