Little Bambino (Customizable)

Pricing per period:
$550.00 / 4 Hours$75.00 per extra Hour

  1. Delivery: We deliver to your location (delivery calculated at checkout)
  2. Rain Policy: We advise you to have an indoor alternative as we will not setup on wet surfaces. You are welcome to reschedule your event at no extra cost to you due to rain. If you cancel your event you will forfeit your deposit (this is why we strongly suggest an indoor alternative
  3. Age Requirement: The suggested age for this play zone is children crawlers to 3 years old. Children over the age of 5 are not permitted to play on the play zone equipment.
  4. Cleaning: All equipment is cleaned and sanitized before each event
  5. What You’ll Need
    1. Review FAQs section
    2. Enough space for us to set up all of your rental equipment
    3. Electric Outlet within 50 ft of the setup area (if bounce house or concessions are included)
    4. Contact us prior to booking if using a venue or park
    5. Outdoor set ups will strongly recommend a shaded area or a suitable covering in the form of a canopy tent, pavilion, etc, as the equipment gets extremely hot in direct sunlight which will prevent use of the play area and we do not offer refunds for inability to play due to heat

***PLEASE NOTE: During our busier days during the summer months we set-up between 9:00 am- 1:00 pm and all pick-ups will begin at 6:00 pm. Our set-ups and pick-ups are route based, so we do not guarantee a specific drop off or pick up time. Being that our pick-ups are route based, if you would like a guaranteed pick-up time later than 6:00 pm there is a small fee of $60 which will place your pick up at the end of our route. If your event is at a park or venue, please give us a call prior to booking 734-335-0816 to work out the details.

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Little Bambino Toddler Bounce House

10 X 10 White Bounce House

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Party Attendant

Tikes Toybox Party Attendant(s) will be on hand to ensure that Tikes Toybox play area rules are being upheld during your scheduled event, which means a peace of mind for you. Tikes Toybox Party Attendant(s) will be present making sure the children not only have fun and participate in beneficial play, but will do so safely. If you decide to add a party attendant, we will waive the $100 refundable deposit. Please note that our party attendants are not personal assistants for your event, they are there to attend the play area only!

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