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$555.00 / 4 Hours$50.00 per extra Hour

Large soft play ball pit
Up and down coaster
Mountain climber
Foam Mats
Soft Blocks
Up and down mountain climber
Bouncy animals
Small foam blocks

If you need setup at a park you will need to contact the park in advance to determine the requirements needed for us to set up.  Outdoor set up will require a shaded area or a suitable cover in the form of a canopy tent, pavilion, etc, as the equipment gets very hot in direct sunlight, this helps prevent injury to children.  If no shaded area is available, we have the right to refuse set up. We have tents as an add-on should you need one.   A tarp will be provided, but please make sure the ground is flat, dry, and clear from glass and debris.  We do not set up on dirt, gravel, or rocks, NO EXCEPTIONS.  

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Party Attendant

Red & Blue Toddler Bounce House

Medium soft blocks

Toybox Jumper

Toybox Large Colorful Soft Play Ball Pit

Toybox Play Mountain Climber

Toybox Colorful Soft Play Roller Barrell

Toybox Soft Play Package Foam Mats

Toybox Soft Play Up & Down Climber

Up and Down Roller Coaster

Colorful Large Gates

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