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Recommended setup area: 10 x 11   Recommended age(s): 2 yrs to 10 yrs. Bounce Bliss:
  • 10 x 10 white bounce house (w/blower)
This 10 X 10 white bounce is the perfect add-on to any of our play zones or ball pits.  This bounce house can add a fun but elegant element to any event:  baby shower, wedding, wedding reception, gender reveal, birthday party, and more.  Just need a white bounce house, no problem this can be added individually as well.
Measurements: 13.5 x 26 Recommended age(s):  All ages (max weight 800 lbs) Enchanted wet/dry bounce house slide combo:
  • Bounce house
  • Attached pool
Bounce & slide while getting wet outside on a beautiful Spring/Summer day!!!
Measurements: 13 x 13  Recommended age(s): All ages (max weight 800 lbs) Primary Bounce House
  • Bounce house
This commercial bounce house basketball rim combo is the perfect add-on to any of our play zones when you have children older than 5 attending your event.      
 Measurements:  13′(l) x 16′(h) x 14.75′(w)  Recommended age(s): All ages (max weight 1000 lbs) Jungle Bounce House w/Slide:
  • Bounce house w/attached slide
This bounce house brings tons of fun for all ages.  Why just bounce when you can bounce and slide.