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Recommended setup space: 16 x 16 Recommended age(s): crawler to 5 yrs.   Little Bambino Customizable Softplay Zone can be customized to match your event colors and theme.
  • White ball pit (other color options based on availability)
  • Large white climber
  • 10 x 10 Bounce Bliss bounce house
  • Light colored mats (other color options based on availability)
  • White & clear ball pit balls with accent color chose (based on availability)
  • Bouncy animals (color choice options based on availability)
  • White gates (color choice options based on availability)
  • White slide
  • Other options (based on availability)
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Recommended setup space:  21.5 x 17.5  Reommended age(s): crawlers to 3 yrs. Hello Princess: Customizations available
  • White toddler bounce house
  • 4×4 white ball pit
  • Pink & white slide
  • Bouncy animals
  • Pink, purple, and white softplay house
  • Softplay blocks
  • Purple rocker
  • Pink, purple, and white softplay climber
Recommended space for setup: 20 x 18.  Recommended age: Crawlers – 3 yrs. Tots Softplay Zone (play zone can be customized)
  • Toddler bounce house (commercial grade)
  • Soft play barrel
  • Mats
  • Gates
  • Bouncy animals
  • Soft play climber/tunnel
  • Soft play blocks
  • Soft play
  • 4 x 4 ball pit
  • Red & blue slide
  • Ride-on coaster
Our Tots Play Zone is the perfect blend of fun for your little(s).  The commercial made bounce house is customized specifically for toddlers; accompanied with 4 x 4 ball pit, soft play climber, soft tunnel, bouncy animals, soft play blocks, mats, & gates. Your little one will definitely have many things to explore with the Tots play zone.  
Recommended space for setup area: 16 x 16 Recommended age(s): 1 yrs to 5 yrs. Puppyland Playground
  • Bounce house/ ball pit combo
  • Stepping blocks
  • Bouncy animals
  • Mats
  • Gates
  • Vibrant color caterpillar
  • Soft blocks
  • Softplay climber
  • Vibrant climber
  • Jungle jump (when necessary entry way space is available (double doors)
Our Puppyland play zone is the perfect blend of soft play and playground to allow little ones to explore the best of both words. Don’t wait, book this vibrant play zone today!
Recommended soft play setup area: 18 x 18 Recommended age(s): 2.5 yrs. to 5 yrs. Mighty Munchkins Softplay Zone
  • 4 x 4 ball pit
  • Softplay obstacle course
  • Trampoline
  • Mats
  • Gates
  • Coaster
  • Bouncy animals
Whatever obstacle at hand, the Mighty Munchkins have a plan! Our Mighty Munchkins soft play package was designed so that your little one(s) can be adventurous within a safe environment. This package consist of a Soft Play Obstacle Course that welcomes each child to crawl, step, slide, balance themselves, and much more! This forgiving playground makes it okay for your toddler to roll or tumble throughout the obstacle course as there are colorful Foam Mats that lie underneath the 16′ X 16′ play area, which are accompanied by vibrant play Gates  reserving the Mighty Munchkins playground. As if the obstacle coarse wasn’t enough, your little one(s) will also enjoy the Soft Play Ball Pit, which is a party favorite, along with the Step 2 multi-colored Coaster. A lot more fun is to be experienced within this amazing soft play package once your little one(s) discover the Little Tikes Toddler Trampoline, Bouncy Animals, Soft Play Blocks, and Small Foam Play Blocks. Book our Mighty Munchkins soft play package today and prepare to watch your little one(s) have a ball…outside or inside of the ball pit that is!!!
Recommended space for setup: 18 x 18  Recommended age(s): 2.5 yrs.  – 5 yrs

Tikes Softplay Zone

  • Blue Ball Pit
  • Mats
  • Red gates
  • 2- Yellow & Blue Bouncy Animals
  • Soft Play Mountain Climber
  • Soft Play Rainbow Climber
  • 3-N-1 Climber Rocker
Recommended setup area: 14 x 18  Recommended age(s): Crawler to 3 yrs Little Ones: this play zone can be customized
  • Foam mats
  • 4 x 4 ball pit
  • Caterpillar tunnel
  • Softplay climber
  • Softplay blocks
  • Bouncy animals
  • Coaster
  • Toddler trampoline
  • Yellow banana rocker
  • Gates
  • Softplay stepper
The Little One’s Package is one of our most popular toddler soft play set ups! It does not disappoint when it comes to the enjoyment that your little one(s) will experience while playing within this kid safe space. As a parent it can be difficult trying to figure out how to celebrate a special occasion such as your child’s 1st birthday party, but no worries, we have a solution. This package was not only created for your toddler(s) to have a birthday party or playdate (in which all the kids enjoy except them), but for them to also enjoy their own birthday party or playdate at such a tender age. That said, our Little One’s Package is the perfect blend of fun and safety for children who are crawlers up to 3 years of age.